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Rudy’s Ruminations On Rheumatology: A Guide for The Practitioner, The Patient and The Student

ISBN: 9780692205808

About This Book

Rudy R Greene, MD, FACR, is approaching thirty years’ experience practicing and teaching in the rheumatology field, and he’s picked up a few insights along the way. Many patients and medical professionals find the specialty shrouded in mystery, and he often finds himself dispelling rumors and explaining concepts in an accessible manner. This inspired him to finally share his accumulated wisdom on the terms, diseases, medications, and challenges one encounters in the world of rheumatology.

This highly informational guide is like having Doctor Rudy at the reader’s disposal, ready to answer any questions he or she may have. The index makes it easy to navigate, and his vignettes and patient-related anecdotes bring cases and complications to life in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Each chapter also includes pearls of wisdom and a summary of his approach to each issue.

By the end, the reader will possess a solid understanding of the many related diseases as well as the most current therapies available. The book is not only about concepts and information—it’s also about people, the patients he serves, and the readers who want to, and need to, know more about this increasingly complex field.